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Tobyato is an illustrator and visual artist over many mediums. Behind the moniker is Toby from Singapore, who has been commissioned by the likes of Vans, Uniqlo, G-SHOCK, Adidas, Levi’s, and Asics, among others. He is largely inspired by things often-overlooked, and has a strong inclination to include playful influences in his works that reflect his personality. He is also the artist behind the sprawling blue and white floor mural covering a portion of the iconic somerset skatepark.


About the logo:

Intentionally shaped like a skateboard deck, the logo embodies the spirit of Somerset Battle Grounds. The bottom half of the logo depicts cracked skateboard decks and the composition is mirrored in the top half featuring buildings highlighting the Somerset venue. On the very top, a skater holds up a skateboard deck, showing that there can only be one winner emerging from the Somerset Battle Grounds.