Women's Open Finals - 


2:00 pm  -    Women Semi Finals - Battle 1

2:25 pm. - .  Women Semi Finals - Battle 2

2:55pm. -     Women Finals - Battle 3rd & 4th Place

3:20pm. -     Women Finals - Battle 1st & 2nd Place

Men's Open Finals - 4


4:00 pm  -    Men's Semi Finals - Battle 1

4:20 pm. - .  Men's Semi Finals - Battle 2

4:50pm. -     Men's Finals - Battle 3rd & 4th Place

5:20pm. -     Men's Finals - Battle 1st & 2nd Place

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7:00pm  -     Bad Dod

7:40pm. -     Forests

8:20pm. -     Sob

9:00pm. -     Akeem Jahat

9:40pm. -     Yung Raja

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The Flipside


Dive into the history of Somerset and how skateboarding culture has grown in recent years in Somerset. Discover what Somerset and the skateboarding culture has offered over the years and how skateboarding is an integral part of Somerset history.  

Custom Decks up for Bids


Little Rippers

Kickstarting the 2020 Vans Skate Skool, we will also be hosting a series of challenges for groups of groms, age 6 to 12. Skate coaches will challenge their new skills on a skateboard focusing on fundamentals, creativity, and style. Winners from each Skate Skool session will be participating in the Finals of Games4Groms.