On the Flipside


Let's dive into Singapore skateboarding history and how Somerset has become an integral space that helped shape our favourite past time to this day. Discover events and moments in time on how Somerset become a second home to Singapore Skateboarders. 


This exhibition will also feature 14 artists from different backgrounds, focused on expressing their crafts and passion for skateboarding. Each artist was provided a blank skateboarding as their canvas. All showcased items are available for bidding purchase. As we conclude this 2-week showcase, online bids will be closed. 100% of proceeds to be donated to Sports Cares.

Artist Line Up

  • Temple of Skate

  • Tobyato 

  • ZCXZ

  • Erikartoon  

  • Siddwills  

  • Qash

  • Slacsatu 

  • Defaze

  • Wan Keisane 

  • Zhong Ming 

  • Feroze Mcleod 

  • Sarah Bat

  • Scryptk

  • Bowlwillhold

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